International Workshop on Critical Software Component Reusability and Certification across Domains

in conjunction with ICSR 2013 (

18 June 2013, Pisa, Italy

This workshop addresses the interaction between component-based software reuse and safety, together with its implications on certification. Safety concerns the prevention of accidents, and can be characterized as an "emergent property that arises at the system level when components are operating together". Systematic reuse of software components in critical environments would benefit from a solid and rich certification framework. Compositional certification is a challenging approach currently under study to standardize and promote software components reuse. When safety is at stake, cross domain reuse and certification become particularly complex and challenging issues: paving the way for a suitable certification framework requires a thorough discussion among all stakeholders.

Workshop Goal

The goal of the workshop is to determine which aspects of component reuse affect safety, and to what extent cross domain reuse can have an impact on safety issues and composition. Component certification and safety parameters must be considered from a cross-domain point of view in order to gain the maximum benefit from the definition of a suitable certification paradigm. The workshop aims to bring together practitioners from software reuse and certification domains to exchange experience, discuss current and emerging problems, and construct an agenda for future work in this area.

Topics of Interest

Workshop Structure

The workshop is organized as a one-day event. Position papers will be presented and discussed in the morning session. Presentations should use specific examples to clarify the points being made, for example, using specific code components to show how they might be modified to make them safer.

In the afternoon the main issues emerged from the morning session will be discussed in a round table coordinated by a moderator (to be appointed). Participants will be invited to address the workshop’s principal topics of interest in the light of the morning’s presentations. Notes from the discussion will be integrated in a technical report to be produced as a first outcome of the workshop and as a starting point for future elaboration.

Position papers and presentations will be published on this website after the workshop, along with the summary report.

Instructions for Position Papers

Potential presenters are invited to submit position papers of no more than five pages to:
CSC2013 at
Papers shall be delivered in A4, one page per sheet.

Important dates

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