International Workshop on Critical Software Component Reusability and Certification across Domains

in conjunction with ICSR 2013 (

18 June 2013, Pisa, Italy


Workshop goals and challenges

Tullio Vardanega - University of Padua, Silvia Mazzini - Intecs - Italy

Fostering Reuse within Safety-critical Component-based Systems through Fine-grained Contracts

Irfan Sljivo, Jan Carlson, Barbara Gallina, Hans Hansson - MDH - Sweeden

Configurable safety elements for a predefind scope

Andrea Leitner - VIRTUAL VEHICLE Research Center - Austria

Open Issues in Reuse of Certified Components in Cyber-Physical Systems

Michel R.V. Chaudron & Christian Berger - Chalmers University of Technology, University of Goteborg - Sweden

Contract-based design of safety-critical software components

Stefano Tonetta - Fondazione Bruno Kessler (FBK) - Italy

OPENCOSS: A compositional certification approach for safety case reuse

Espinoza, Huascar; Klabbers, M.D.; Luo Yaping (Luna); Philippa Conmy - Eindhoven University of Technology - Netherlands

Enforcing time determinism at system level: issues and schedulability tradeoffs

Marco Di Natale - Scuola Superiore S. Anna - Pisa, Italy

Astrium view on Space OBSW reuse main issues

Alain Rossignol - Astrium - France