INTECS participates to the definition, implementation and operations of “Ground Segment” systems for Earth Observation (EO) Satellites such as: ERS-1, ERS-2, ENVISAT and COSMO-SkyMed.

The main functions are related to the User Services and characterized by the integration of heterogeneous components (distributed data bases, map servers, order management, access control, etc.) by means of WEB technologies and interoperability protocols.

These systems are developed according to the ECSS Space Programme Standards and include both Civil and Military application requirements (dual-use systems).

Ground Segment

End-User services (User Services)
These constitute the element through which Space Agencies and other institutions offer satellite data purchase services by accepting orders. New advanced systems will also make it possible to place orders for the acquisition of new images in the near future.
The latest generations of such systems include on-line access over the WEB, with high graphical quality, interactivity and ease of use and, at the same time, protecting the system by means of authentication and access control. The main functionality consists in integration of catalogues (product data-bases), maps, and order data-bases. INTECS has participated to the realisation of the systems related to the User Services of ERS-1, ERS-2, ENVISAT and COSMO-SkyMed.

Earth Observation and GIS Services
Efforts to promote the European EO market calls for EO services and “information products” which are easily understandable and ready-to-use without further manipulation.
A promising approach consists in integrating EO and GIS services supporting the provision of EO services and “information products” closer to customer expectations and processes. They are based on the adoption of XML-based Web standards and protocols in an open environment, as implemented in the ESA/ESRIN MASS project.
See also the related paper: .

Interoperability-based Architectures
As the number of EO Satellites grows and the amount of available data increases, the requirement has arisen for interoperability architectures in a position to rationalize the many different methods for accessing catalogues that are geographically distributed and heterogeneous in nature.
Such systems are based upon technologies integrating middleware, communication protocols and data bases providing common access services to resources belonging to different institutions.  

Ground Segment System Engineering
INTECS participates to the definition of Ground Segments for Earth Observation Satellites on system level aspects such as:
- System Requirements analysis
- Support to Subsystems design
- Design of the security policy & architecture
- Definition of the Human Computer Interface common characteristics
- Support to RAMS & FMECA analysis
- Definition of the system Assembly, Integration & Validation process
- Definition of the Risk Analysis & identification of system risks and critical paths
- Project Management Plan definition
- Definition of the AIV/AIT Strategy