INTECS pursues the growing need of being informed about the status of our environment and territory, by designing and implementing Geographical Information Systems (GIS) in applications using satellite images (Satellite Remote Sensing) and Spatial Data Infrastructures (SDI) for spatial data distribution.

Such systems require the integration of different technologies (e.g.: Multimedia, Remote Sensing, Image Processing, Distributed Systems) through which INTECS provides advanced solutions in Public Administration, Municipal Companies, and Industry.

Specifically, INTECS has a participation to the “Geographike” spin-off company, which focuses on activities related to Remote Sensing, territory studies, and different environment disciplines and WEB Cartography, for the networked dissemination of territory data.

Environment And Territory

Design/Implementation of Territory Data Bases
INTECS designs and implements Territory Data Bases including cartographic information, environmental data (thematic data and environmental measures).

Our activities are performed according to standards, national and international regulatory recommendations on territory data production and dissemination (e.g.: OGC, ISO, INSPIRE).

Most of the systems and applications have been delivered to Local Government Agencies (Lazio, Abruzzo, Pisa, Benevento) and Municipal Companies (e.g.: Azienda Energetica Municipale di Milano – AEM).

Furthermore, INTECS realizes Image Processing on satellite data and GIS applications including Web GIS. Such applications are performed with the support of the “Geographike” spin-off company.

Territory Data Distribution Infrastructures
INTECS designs and implements Spatial Data Infrastructures for the dissemination of territory data based on both proprietary and Open Source Software.

Broad experience in integrating heterogeneous technologies within complex systems is an essential element for success in this field. Among the many projects it is worth mentioning the followings: ORCHESTRA, HUMAN II , Cosmo SkyMed , Geo2DIS, GEOMED, and GOUVERNe.

Tourism Applications
INTECS realizes systems for the preparation and browsing of electronic tourist guides integrating GIS technologies, Multimedia, Satellite Navigation, as in the projects: E-Navigator, Magic Tour and ENARRO.

INTECS provides introductory courses in Digital Cartography and usage of GIS instruments (both proprietary and Open Source).