Internet and Communications
Satellite Communication

INTECS is involved in satellite-based data dissemination systems (for Earth Observation and telemedicine purposes) providing for bulk data transfer services from individual sources to many receiving stations across Europe.
Examples of such systems are the following:
ERS data dissemination system
Data sensed by ERS satellites (e.g.: quick-looks, low-rate fast-delivery products) are disseminated throughout Europe within few hours since their acquisition from several transmitting stations (Kiruna, Fucino, Maspalomas, etc.)  through the Eutelsat satellite channel, using an ad-hoc File Transfer Protocol with planning, segmentation, and selective retransmission, capabilities.
EO data dissemination:
Using an IP over DVB-S technique, DDS is today a fully operational, reliable and cost-effective service for dissemination of ENVISAT data.
System updating based on DVB-RCS technique is under evaluation. 

The main technologies involved are the following:

- Usage of Eutelsat satellite link (>6 Mbps)
- File Transfer Protocol over Satellite (including planning, data segmentation, and selective retransmission)
- Demand Assignment Multi Access DAMA protocol
- Restricted Reliable Multicast Protocol (RRMP)
- Full-duplex variable rate data session
- Point to point videoconference
- Centralized Network Control Center on a PAMA/DAMA scheduled basis
- Using IP over DVB-S technique
- DVB board (on PC / Linux computer)
- VSAT antenna  

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