Internet and Communications
Mobile Terminals

INTECS is committed to Mobile Terminal development exploiting its competence in the fields of wireless communications and Software Defined Radio.

INTECS is involved in design, development and testing of TETRA software and firmware components both on the TETRA mobile terminal and on TETRA base station.


For mobile terminals we deal with several functions including: security, management, man machine interface, handling of mobile terminal local devices.

INTECS has the competence to define and implement mobile terminals based on “Software Defined Radio” techniques for satellite navigation applications, such as terminals for blind people, and software for GPS / GALILEO / EGNOS satellites.

The principal technologies employed are:

- ATMEL embedded microprocessor
- Firmware development
- Symbian
- RTLinux
- Bluetooth
- Inertial Measurement Unit
- TETRA protocols
- WAP/GPRS protocols