GIS and image Processing
GIS and Image Processing

A key element for success in this field is based on continuous improvement of technologies and tools for GIS and satellite Remote Sensing.  

INTECS employs both commercial (ArcGIS, ArcIMS, ArcSDE, Oracle Spatial, ENVI, etc.) and open source (Map builder, UdiG GRASS, PostGIS, Map Server) tools to tailor solutions to specific user needs, while integrating them with existing systems and procedures.

Geographical Information Systems (GIS) are complex systems integrating data and their relationships, procedures, hardware and software resources and human resources all contributing to proper territory management. The deployment of a GIS must integrate and exploit all of these aspects. To accomplish this, highly qualified team with expertise in integration, consolidated development experience, large systems management experience, environmental awareness and territorial experience is required, together with longstanding experience in territory data management.

Similarly, the Earth Observation (EO) field requires territorial knowledge and environmental awareness that can be acquired only by a multidisciplinary team.

Data sensed by satellites (e.g.: Landsat, Aster, IRS, Ikonos, QuickBird ) are processed using image processing techniques, often in conjunction with photo interpretation or integration with auxiliary data coming from different sources, using GIS techniques.

INTECS is recognized for its management and high quality standards acquired over years of experience in Space programmes as well as in military and security applications.