Verification & Validation
Check-Out Systems

The term "Check-out systems" refers to a wide class of apparatus that generally provide dedicated facilities for the verification of electronic and electromechanical equipment.

INTECS participates to the development of several Check-out, EGSE (Electrical Ground Support Equipment) and ATE (Automatic Test Equipment) systems for the Space and Defence market targeted to radar electronic components, to inertial navigation modules, laser instruments, missiles, and missile-launchers.

The software of these systems is centred around, state-of-the-art commercial toolkits, such as: LabVIEW/ LabWindows (by National Instrument), Rational-Test Real Time (by IBM-Rational), allowing to verify the correct behaviour of the target equipment by setting and acquiring analog and digital signals through specific I/O boards.

The main technologies are the following:

- LabVIEW® / LabWindows® (by National Instrument)
- Rational-Test Real Time® (by IBM-Rational)
- VxWorks (by Wind River)
- LynxOS® (by LynuxWorks)
- PC/Windows
- Middleware (CORBA and Proprietary)
- Ada
- C++
- PowerPC
- Intel
- ISO/OSI 802.2 (LLC)
- RS422
- RS485
- Digital I/O
- Analog / Digital Converter