Internet and Communications
Internet and Multimedia

INTECS is engaged in the design, development and integration of mission-critical components of large systems providing final users with Internet-based services.

These systems are designed by integrating several modern technologies such as: WEB Interfaces, Data Bases, Geographically Distributed Catalogues, Order Data Bases, Interoperability protocols, GIS, User Access Control and Security functions.

Main examples are  “User Services” related to Earth Observation satellite Ground Segments (e.g. Cosmo-SkyMed) and multimedia data bases for Media companies (e.g. RAI - Italian Broadcast Company, La Repubblica - On-line newspaper, etc.).

Web Server / Application Server
The use of a three-tier architecture, possibly involving the usage of an Application Server product provides scalability and reliability capabilities for the whole application layer. In such architectures there is a clear distinction between User Interface layer, Application/Business Layer, and Data Base Layer.

Systems providing for multi-partner services (e.g.:several EO Agencies) need to implement Interoperability functions to allow mutual information exchange and to gather distributed information to be presented as a unique service for the user.

Such systems make use of XML-based Web Services standards and CEOS standards (for EO applications).

User Services providing for Geographically related information (e.g. Satellite Images) provide Map features by means of a common Internet browser.
Such systems make use of a MapServer, with GIS functionalities, providing compatibility with major DBMSs (e.g. Oracle 9i Spatial Compliance), J2EE compliance in order to simplify integration with other user interfaces, and multi-platform features in particular, full compliance with Linux platform.
Security/Certified configuration:
The devlopment of software to be used in a classified configuration for military use led to the use of Linux SLES8, the certified version of Linux compliant to the CAPP/EAL3+ directives.
Product Ordering (E-Commerce):
Functions supporting commercial policies consisting in management of commercial transactions, through the public Internet, requires an E-Commerce level of confidentiality by means of specific measures such as use of SSL.

The principal technologies exploited in this field are the following:

- IBM Websphere Application Server
- BEA Weblogic
- Java™ 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE™)
- Web services application platform (XML-based Web Services)
- Oracle 9i Spatial Compliance
- Mapinfo MapXtreme
- Vignette Content Management System
- Linux
- Linux Enterprise Server, certified with CAPP/EAL3+ directives