Embedded Systems
HRT Operating Systems

INTECS has unique experience in design and development of Real-Time Operating Systems, based on Hard Real-Time Scheduling algorithms and in their exploitation for Real-time embedded systems.

Applications range from Satellite On-Board Applications, to Automotive components and Railway systems, and normally include Safety-Critical requirements.

INTECS has defined specific methods and developed the related CASE supporting tools for the design of (Hard-) Real-Time software (e.g.: HRT-UML).

Hard Real Time Operating Systems
INTECS focuses on analysis, design and development of a special class of Real Time systems called “Hard Real Time (HRT)” systems. They require real time capabilities with strictly deterministic response time even in case of partially degraded conditions. The failure of these requirements typically results in severe failure of the system and, in case of safety-critical systems, loss of human life.

MicrOsek is a Hard Real-Time and Networked Operating System, entirely developed by INTECS, compliant to the OSEK/VDX standard and suitable for the development of Embedded Real-Time Applications.

The main features implemented by INTECS within MicrOsek includes:

- Easy Portability,
- Scalability,
- Configurability,
- Reduced memory occupation.